Looking for a stripper in New Hampshire?

29 Years booking your New Hampshire stripper

I started booking strippers here in New Hampshire back in 1992. That’s a long time. I’ve always said, I’d rather have a few hot strippers than a lot of average ones. Now we have over a dozen beautiful New Hampshire strippers.

New Hampshire stripper Casey

That’s Casey, she is quite the wild New Hampshire stripper. Very fun, and energetic. She likes to work with Mila, and Alex. Now, I’ll show you pictures and video of both strippers.

New Hampshire stripper Mila

New Hampshire stripper Alex

This video of Alex twerking was just sent to me….

Welcome to 2021 from VIP Entertainment Inc.

Finally finished with 2020, not much should change right away, then again, we won’t have repeat of 2020. January is a big month for stripper agency. The ski areas are kickin’ butt. Guys are booking your ski vacations for January, February and March. Heck I think Killington was open till June one year.  Loon Mountain is in New Hampshire. In fact, Vanessa went skiing there Saturday. She danced Friday at a party, and took Saturday off to go skiing.

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What does 2021 have in store for us? New President for one. Covid vaccines. Tom Brady possibly playing in the Super Bowl, which is conveniently to be played in Raymond James Stadium in Tampa, Florida, Tom’s home stadium, now. Will the Patriots in the fall of 2021 we a contender again? I hope so. Maybe draft Mac Jones the Alabama QB who is playing tonight vs Manchester NH’s own Ryan Day and his The Ohio State Buckeyes.  Ryan Day graduated from Manchester Central High School, so did I. I think I graduated 10 years before him. I guess if you need a side to cheer on tonight, (or you just play Draftkings Sportsbook here in New Hampshire and you will have your rooting side) root for The Ohio State, they are the underdogs, Ryan Day is the head coach. Do we need Alabama to win another title. I do like Nick Saban because of his ties to Bill Belichick. Fun fact, my twitter profile is Bill as a youth in football uniform posing with his parents. Well have a great Monday. If you need strippers, call me.

Call 603-627-0007 to book the hottest strippers in New Hampshire